End-User Course: Basic Financials 2019 R1 -Session 1 of 3

Claire Walton
about 2 years agoJanuary 4, 2020
Hello - the instructor indicates I should "login to (my) instance" with a login id of "johnson" and password of "123" - do I have access to this instance? OR should I be logging into my corporate demo environment? Thanks in advance for your clarification and support. 

Claire Walton
Application Consultant - Aktion Associates
almost 2 years agoMarch 25, 2020
Hi Claire. Sorry for the delay in reply. For webinar attendees, we provided the link to the instance that they could use for learning activities. If you are not a webinar attendee, you need to ask your system administrator to create a test tenant for you. In this course, learners are requested to have the U100 company data. You can download it from our Build Storage http://builds.acumatica.com/. Select the version of Acumatica ERP you need and then select build number. When you open the build foder, you will find the Snapshots folder there. Use this snapshot to restore the company data you will use during the training. More detailed information on the How to Create a Tenant with the Needed Data section of the training guide.
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